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Can You Keep A Secret

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I watched her all night for a week like I'm 'posed to
Sleeping in the backseat of a Nova like I'm 'posed to
Hiding out from police like I'm 'posed to
Restraining order out on me like she 'posed to

I used the ethanol to knock 'em out like I'm 'posed to
I drag the body up into the house like I'm posed to
Cut the body up into pieces just to store it
And bury 'em all under the porch like I'm 'posed to

I drank a little lawnmower gas like I'm 'posed to
Beat her head until it smashed like I'm 'posed to
Stole the cop car and crashed like I'm 'posed to
In the dub I relax and drop a toaster

Cooked his eyes in the frying pan like I'm 'posed to
Left his head resting in his hands like I'm 'posed to
Cleaned up all the mess with a mop and some bleach
Then removed every one of his teeth like I'm 'posed to

Can you keep a secret?
There's whispers in my ear
I do as they tell me
Keep it secret

Leave the blood fresh on the blade like I'm 'posed to
My hatchet swings right under their face like I'm 'posed to
A picture with your blood on the page like I'm 'posed to
And every day I'm doing it the same like I'm 'posed to

Remove the head, hands and the feet like I'm 'posed to
Keep a jar of my skeet like I'm 'posed to
Stab myself to the beat like I'm 'posed to
Unbuckle my seat on a creepy roller coaster

I left her chained up to the wall like I'm 'posed to
Make sure her clothes are taken off like I'm 'posed to
Probably never should have dug her up but I was 'posed to
Spent all night by her side to be close to her

Caught her all alone in her home like I'm 'posed to
Tied her up with cords from a phone like I'm 'posed to
Now I got this freak on a leash, I'm about to toast her
All because these whispers in my ear say I'm 'posed to


Drag her body out in the back like I'm 'posed to
Covered her in gas soaked rags like I'm 'posed to
Light her body up with a match like I'm 'posed to
Now I see her face on a missing person poster

I talk to past spirits of the dead like I'm 'posed to
Only I can pick up what they said like I'm 'posed to
They say to make them bleed and indeed I feel the need
To take them out this hunger I feed like I'm 'posed to

Keep it under my pillow like I'm 'posed to
The severed tongue of a widow named Rosa
She saw me chilling on a most wanted poster
I turned her body on the fire pit roaster

I cut the left finger off the right hand like I'm 'posed to
Carve my symbol off in they back like I'm 'posed to
Disappear off in the night like I'm 'posed to
Peep behind a murderous sight like I'm 'posed to


Can you keep a secret?
Whispers in my ear...

Can you keep a secret?
Whispers in my ear...
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