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Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams

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smashin' cages of glass
dim seconds of fear
releasin' final collapse
have failed so many times
you and this world seem
so weak

post eclipse future in a dreamspace
the shattered fragments of your
lifetime still float around
neurotic silhouettes defective clones
of a higher self
no one will ever bring back the
dreams you leave behind

suspended far in your candyworld
where angels crawl and weep and fall
your lonely grief's a treachery
still fantasize about they way
your fallen years were all in vain
a silent scream against the wind
suddenly the end of grief
shattered lives and broken dreams

the mask you wear is fadin'
bastards like you merely deserve to end
in shame

now the stars pass my location
bearin' seeds of condemnation
angels fall and idols weep
feathers burn degeneratin' souls
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