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A Taste of Collapse

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Candles glimmer
An ocean of flames
You silence my mouth
So I can feed on your pain
The slower I carve my name into your heart
The more it hurts that we're both falling apart

Shades are dancing in the falling rain
If you get closer they all look the same
Glad of being the cause you sick little slut
The fucking way I feel is none of your business
Shape your fears and stop pretending
For deep inside the stream is never ending
Shatter the confusion ravaging your head
And drown with me in a world of shadows
And now he lives on
The damage is done
And it's out of control
But pieces alone
Are as good as the whole
So shallow and black
Runs the poison within
Come taste my collapse
Until the last drop

Of memories cut
Just like razor-blades
If I close my eyes will I wake up screaming?
Frozen your touch seems like a shot to my head
So drain me down slit my soul fall to pieces
With me
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