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As an echo from the past, recognition with a blast, an unbearable hate so vast,
I will ignite the world at last
Turned the key to sick, darkened mental shack, drained to fear, can't go back
Racing on down the bitter track, I have become a savior in black
Only the living are lost, persisting at any cost
Universal loss will be gain, suffering in the giving, bringer of pain
Presence of lunacy clouding the sky, passion for bloodshed comes to life
Armed with intentions to kill, ancient animosity grows with a thrill
Shed my skin as I'm closing in, cleansing the world from filth and sin
The death of millions my tribute to the end, no matter what I will never repent
Assassin for the masses on a power trip, madness from inside never losing it's grip
All my life they've been leading my way, mow the voices are drowned by mental decay
Time has come to unmask the dead, one by one of fire flame draped with dread
Screams of sirens are cutting through the air, calling my name I'm god don't you hear
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