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Dead Virgins Dont Sing

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Eat, for this is my body
Raise your glass and toast
For this is my blood
I am the pathway
Follow me downward
Into the void
I am the face of your fear
Salvation is only through me

Look what we have done
With our soul open wide
Look what we have done
With our soul open wide

Black hail meteors
Descend worlds
Angels drop from the firmaments
Slave to the turbulent flesh of cold dark eyes
The eye which turns and resists

Anyone within the sound of my voice
Listen to my every word
This is indeed a threat
I will not tolerate anything
But than your complete and utter devotion to me

I need to know, that if nessacary you will die for me
Now tell me, will you die for me, will you die for me

My guidence doesn't come at a cheap price
And my words shouldn't be taken lightly
I am the air you take into your lungs
And the reality of your existance

And for those of you who stray
You will be hunted down like dogs
Those who obey my paradise
In a place we can all call home
In a place we can all some day die in
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