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Eyes Shut Tight

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Come with the bloody moon and the chaos,
Gog and magog triple six reigns over spirits lost.
Satanic nations and thrones reign and slay,
but solid is super-souls love and righteous pathways,
Asking me why I ain't down with the bloodshed,
wicked fool we approve of lies as eternal truth,
Worship the mark of the beast demonic feast,
Seven the seals sacred faith no need to pack steal,
No "geed-up" rap anywhere up and on me,
Strictly KRS, Public Enemy, Bob Marley, Mad ups to MLK and the infintie Ghandi,
Doom to the demons that dominate all around me.
Deep in the soul fool,
you know you aint right running around with your eyes shut tight!
I know what it's like to not want to see the sunrise,
So shattered the pictures on fire, the winter never lies,
but that chemical won't allways keep the empty space full,
Bludgeon corrode desecrate the body temple,
Half the fools we know yes they sick style sprung,
Deeper and further from ourselves I have always watched us run,
From the family perspective yes I've watched the dope wreck shit,
Deep "veteranos, Tequatos" fool this childhood knows!
Deep in the soul,
Fool you know you ain't right going around with them eyes shut tight!
Further away from ourselves! Further away from the truth!
You can throw the set in the sky,
But the eternal majestic Mount Zion you can't deny.
A gat, a clip, a hollow-tip with your name on it,
loving to trip but one day you'll get caught up and slip!
So cheap a death but my brother so precious is life,
speaking the language of fratracidal sights,
You do like "Cain" did "Able" you love to watch your brother's blood,
Flow fool tell me no! Spirit so cold! Denial!
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