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Fallen Star

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Gazing (at) the sky
On a clear winter's night
Moonlight lighting the path for me
High in the sky
A star seems to fly
A falling star, it will be my guide

Maiden is dancing
Enchanting the man
But in the end, who's in command?
With his sword of might
And his love by his side
He is ready to face the world

Follow the star
It will lead you so far
Follow the light
Lighting the night

Star is falling down
When it reaches the ground
I'll be there to take my toll
With my star-wrought sword
I shall honour my Lord
- But remember where it came from

But there, where the star fell
A beautiful maiden was dancing and singing
Stories tell that she descended from the Heavens
With the star...

But then came that time
The time of (a) great fight
Cries of war rang throughout the whole land
War tears apart
It will sunder the heart
But in the end, love will prevail

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Answer the call
But it will take its toll
Follow the light
Shining so bright
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