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Garden of Eternity

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The garden,where we walked together. As the wind
was breezing, whispering. Where we played with
innocent smiles. Under trees and leaves of green.

Leaves fell silently to the icy ground. Flying away with
the northern wind. And they shine as silvery stars.
That fall on your nightly face.

So hear my voice, come with me. Dream of eternity.
Join me and sing. The talle of that silent night.

Sing with me, dream my dreams. For me and for you.
Under the trees, growing forever.
The Garden of eternity.

and we sing together as the winds call our names.
Eternally our lives entwine as the vision foretold.
In that summer night , where shadows are warm.
An eagle cries high that melody so old.

We shared the realm of secret dreams.And eternal
stars lighted the dark.The moon blessed your Glittering
tears. As you cried for our destiny.

In the twilight of shimmering stars. The garden
embraced by the winter´s heart. Your hands holding
me and burning the fear. Forever within my heart.
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