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Rising Wind

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A dying hope,afailed quest. I dream my life again.
My time is running out and soon my life will end.

I have seen my life. Fading in front of my eyes.I have
seen my time. Wasted in pointless lies.

I can´t reach your life. When all hope is lost. Our dreams
will sink with hope. As our lives come to an end.

Now I reach you through time
Oh, won´t you please come with me.

Broken dreams, a torn hero.A dying hope I am.
I can´t reach you , I can´t save you.Ive failed you.
I have failed my people,I have failed their trust.
Now my soul is rising with the wind to the stars

I can sense the wind is rising.I can feel the storm is closing.
I can hear lightning cracking.The ski burning white.

Now I feel the wind rising, carrying me to the stars
Into the light I will fly with you. Away from this world,
we will leave our lives. Blown away by the rising wind.

Sire, our defenses have been breached.The enemy is
approaching, we will lose the city within hours.

Silence my faithful servant! I shall see to it
that the enemy will never hold our city of gold....
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