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Two Hundred Men

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There is only one king. we will ride beside him
The troops are fearless.And we are at his disposal.

At the battlefield. we´ll form the toughest shield.
The honor of the king.Is in our hands.
Our master is guarded.By a crew of two huhdred men

Red sun reveals a misty ground.And silent-has fallen
the battle´s sound. Deceivers -came to claim his
crovn.And no one´s left alive...a new day will arise

Hail to our lord.He has led us with his sword.
We shall follow his footsteps for eternity.
Wherever he´ll go the army will follow.
With the strength .Of two hundred men.

In hunger for gold people trespassed the prison
Of the beast,releasing the ancient evil among us.
Two were given a chance to mend
the failure of the guardians...
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