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Eyes Of The Clown

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Now take the stage
Take your positions
Then swallow your fears
You can't turn back now

Spreading your soul
Selling yourself
In each an every town
The crowd meets their clowns

Excited, ecstatic
You're facing your true self on this stage
And in the crowd - there is no difference there inside
'Cos we all hide our clown's face down within
And we all are more than what we say

And they stare right into the eyes of the clown
The play goes on and on and truth may be found
Ascending high above the crowd
Yet tears are falling down
From the eyes of the clown...

Lights flashing bright
And the show is on
Like no end in sight
The beast takes his bite

Surrender to him
And let yourself go
But be prepared to die
Still one more time
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