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Makes my head stand up on end
Something alien happenin
Synchronise but don´t comprehend
Cos where I stop that´s where you begin
Another moment, I dawn it
A pleasure rising when I take the hit
And I´m addicted to state you´re in
Cos you´re getting me out of it

There´s nothing gonna haze this
And we´re gonna go to space, yeah even ship
´Cos I´m leaving with an astronaut

Grooving out to x-ray specs
Something tells me you´re the alien sex
I can´t imagine now what comes next
When this astronaut connects
Comin? on when I touch your skin
A kind of strange light you emit
I feel your gravity pull me in
Now you´re getting me out of it

Bridge :
They´re feet for quantum leap
Because space is hard and deep
And we follow giant footprints
As we fall in
Falling like the twins
Through Saturn´s holy rings
And if they can't hold us
Where it's gonna end up ?
Anybody knows !

An astronaut
An astronaut

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
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