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Skylines End

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Followed our wind
To shape the course
Had a blueprint
We are in mid ocean
Followed our devotion
We followed traces into freedom
Into the afterglow, we left no stone unturned
Out of this forlorn place to our home
Casted adrift we are not sure if we return
Where are you ?
Where have you gone to ?
Where are you ?
We´re heading for skyline´s end
Putting down the peril
No flashing light
It´s just our will
Not resigned to our fate
No kingdom come
So we still wait
All untouched by human hands, we stand on hallowed ground
A beauty in abundance, the paradise we found
Following our destiny, can´t feel what´s wrong or right
And while away the precious time, blinded by our sight
For a moment, for a spell we put the tin lid on
The sky is getting overcast, when all is said and done
For a moment, for a spell, skyline´s end, the last farewell
Where are you now ?
Where you gone to ?
Where are you ?
Where are you now ?
Skyline´s end
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