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No Valentines

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No more Valentine's Day
No more Christmas Cards
I've thrown 'em all away
No more sequined stars
No birthday wishes
No more surprises
Who needs 'em anyway
No reason to get excited

Yes, I gave you everything
I gave you earth and sky
And everything in between
That walks, crawls or flies
No Easter mornings
It's your cross now
Keep it all for yourself
It's overrated anyhow

But keep my Valentine
I'll keep my bleeding heart
Just let me out of here
Before that sentimental music starts
And your regrets
Fall like empty lines
Like the lies we write on Valentines

No foggy Sunday rides
No deep embracing kiss
The electricity of storms
The tragedy I almost missed
Festive celebrations
Are non-existent words
All these have anniversaries
Are pointless and absurd

And at the end of this card
My signature is missing
The warm flow that came from my hand
For when the kisses grow cold
The dance means nothing
And Valentines day
Become's no mans land
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