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I used to love barry bonds. Table swinging is gone, but as time went by and he grew inside. It was my respect that was slowly dropped. I like euro mls. The playing level is the best, but all the acting, lying, bullshit, and crying remind me of what I detest.
Bride: They come on the scene and show their white horse and their squeaky cleats, so. They best watch out for the media social guillotine.
Chorus: you can cheat, you can lie, you can win or not try but you can't be a good guy at sports. All the pills, thrills, and attempted kills make a heroes day in court.
I really like tiger woods. He is all well and good. He is clean, lean, a golf machine but in the end hes just another horny bloke. I like allen iverson. Short, corn-rowed and fun. But he found his wife messing with another guy. (And he found her new) guy with a gun.
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