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Burning leaves

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Pass all the hills everlasting
Fight against the evil
There are big wolves
From the north wind the darkening horizon
We will fight
Let them come
We will never retreat!
We will say
With all my hope
Dance the ancient trail
Their voices gone to far!
With the walls of nursery!

Burning leaves!
Black ashes on my eyes!
Cross my fears
Why? Ohohoh!
Burning leaves!
That path that reach to the sky!
The flame within me
Is gone!

Will light up the rest?
Dying souls
Somebody's coming closer
More flaming branches came from the sky
Their roots are torn to pieces
Right before my dying hit
I lean my eyes to the sky (to the sky)
As I gaze those sparkling waves for the last time
Lay the pithy oak who knows

Finnish sounding jibberish created on the spot by Katja

Burning leaves!
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