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Well she's got a look.
A heart that's good as gold.
But that's not all she's got,
Despite what I've been told.
She read me like a book.
Now I'm feeling two years old.
Wondering what she's not,
And what she wants to hold,
And why she wants it.
Marie let's go away today.
I've well outlived the games we play.
Something's got to go,
Let it go now.
Trying to catch the show,
Tickets sold out.

Like a shoemaker's elf,
Hiding in the rough,
Working all the time.
That's not good enough,
If the credit isn't mine.
Try to tell myself,
Just go and leave things nice.
But you know how that goes
And takes her own advice

Repeat Chorus.

Our world is like a hot air balloon,
Flame holds us up,
The heat is all we have to lose.
Still something
Keeps us tied to the ground.
We've got to cut loose the ropes,
We're just hanging around.
Kiss your pretty face,
And that leads me to more.
We need to find a place
Where we control the door.
And when the door is closed
And no one can come in,
To rain on our parade,
Tell them where we've been.
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