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This Time

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Mafia ....

I need to save myself from me
before i ruin this relationship
yu steady me down this from the start
i need to make in my empty heart
everytime i try to run away
something inside me says i need to stay
so maybe i should listen for a change
theres no pain that love cannot rearrange

i gotta conveince myself
that its okay to love again
and if i fall on the way
ill try again

this time
i deserve
to be happy , to be loved
once again love has found its way to me
ohhh ...

this time
im holding on
im gone fight try to be strong
this time
im not giving up on this
ooohh ... this time ( this time ]

im lov' im loving every minute with you
its hard to convience my heart that this is true
i know wen love that
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