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True God

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[Verse One]
I found something to be true when I
Made up my mind, to do what I had to do for God
Most of my, peeps started acting shice
When I mention the Christ, and when I mention even changing my life
I come around they like gone dawg
Check out my new song and they all like gone dawg
I look em' straight in the eyes and say your wrong dawg
So I let it be known if that's what you want then I'm gone dawg
I'll pray for ya, but that's exactly what I expect from that
Disrespect and neglect is what reflects from that
See these cats didn't know God
He helped me to leave what's weak so they can see, and that's fa sho bru
Come on bru, I met the one who never change
Forever remain, always remaining the same
So I take the pain that's gone make a mayne
And I stay in the thang, as I praise his name

Its true God, none other faithful like you, Hallelujah
Can't do me the way you do, knew it was true God
None other faithful like you hallelujah
It's true God, hallelujah
It's true God, true God

[Verse Two]
Thug cats you can just leave your piece behind
Cuz on this side it ain't nothing but peace of mind
Why bust like blaw, when you can be with us and get a rush like wow
I think you better rush and get touched right now
Cuz you ain't got to fuss you just hush right now
Until you learn enough to get rough like us
And tough like us
And learn enough word where you can right bust like us
Said He would never leave never forsake
My only guarantee that was never fake
In fa sho in the faith, and now I trust and I wait
And take his word, to be my guideline so I can face this world
I must brag and boast taste and see that He's good fa sho
Grace and peace in the hood fa sho
So why fight with time, when you can be ignited and get right with God
And tight with God

[Verse Three]
I exalt your name above all of the earth
You're so majestic blessed with personal worth
That comes from You, when I'm hurt I run to You
My refuge is in You, cause I'm a fool for You
You kept me in the time of the storm
kept me when I wept as if I slept in Your arms
So now Lord I wanna be close and intimate commune with You
Perfectly in tune with You, like no otha
We can be closer than spiritual brothers
Closer than marriage, closer than lovers
No one can touch us, as I bow down
Take off my boots on holy grounds
finna clown now, feelin' a praise down inside
Cause it's personal
Givin' us back everything that Adam's sin stole
Thinkin' of that just bless my soul
I let patience work its perfect work
My medication is to see a nation delivered from hurt
And that's for real peeps
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