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They just shot my cousin fam right here in front of my face
Two in his back and one in his face
He still bleeding
Wake up cuz
Breathe homie breathe
This ain't the time for you to leave homie please
I called the police
They ain't here yet
He's laying here helpless
His shirt is real wet
I never thought that I would see this day
My lil cousin a leave this way
He was only 18
He had dreams of leaving the game
Leaving the cane alone
He was seeking to change
He just wanted to stack bread
Buy his moms a Benz and baby sisters a brand new bed
Please tell me God'll let him in
He had a hard life
Tell me God'll forgive him for his sin
Tell me God got his angel back
And that he got his wings
And he ain't gotta deal with no more pain
My cousin had a good heart
I know God knew
Tell my peeps was a good dude
Tell me, Flame, it'll be okay
If we just pray and I'll see his face again one day
My cousin wasn't perfect, nobody is
I know he fulfilled his purpose
We all God's kids
He left me here to live in the sky
And I don't wanna say bye
Why I gotta say

Goodbye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
I don't wanna say
Goodbye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
See I don't wanna say
Goodbye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
I don't wanna say
Goodbye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

I know it's real hard to say bye
See I can't answer why
Bu I know that we don't live in the sky
And I know that we don't get wings
God doesn't get angels back
In fact we human beings
See, God can't let us in
And He won't let us in Heaven
Unless we have His perfection
Yea he might've had a hard life
But if you not in a non stop relationship with Christ
That changes the way that you act and think
And putting off the old man
As he's becoming extinct
Then you can't think that you and God are cool
It's written in the Bible dude
We can't break the rules
And nobody has a good heart
In God's eyes
Nobody's good enough
His standards too high
Ain't no hope if you die in your sin
I don't know if you'll see him again it all depends

I know it's hard
To say goodbye
To someone close to you
In your life
Where do I go from here?
What do I do?
So many questions
So little answers

I thought that God was a god of love
This is feeling like hate
He allowed this to happen
You can't say this a mistake
How can a God full of mercy and grace
Let a kid 18 catch a slug in the face

I know it's hard to see God's love at a time like this
To see your little cuz die like this
Remember this the same God who allows the life to be taken
Will awake him but Christ would've
Had to have been that mans Lord and Savior
In order to be with the Lord who made us
But the questions ain't why did he die in the game
You let his death be in vain if you die the same

I'm tired Flame, cause the pain is deep
I been trying for years for the Lord to change me
I'm angry can I go where it's good at?
I always thought I'd die right here where the hood at
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