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Goodness To Repentance

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Yea... let me talk to you for a min
You know I try to keep my ear to the streets right
You know I hear so many war stories man
I hear about so many times cats have been spared
Cats should've been dead
You'd think that would be enough for cats to turn to Christ
But I guess sometimes you gotta learn the hard way

I done heard too many war stories
Seen too many spared
While God still sustain cats that don't even care
Yea you should've got shot
When dem bullets ricocheted
Yea you shoulda got robbed
But grandmamma went to pray
Yea you shoulda got hit by that truck on the road
Ain't no luck when you stuck
With bullet holes in your clothes (homie bang bang)
Five shots could drop me
I took it and smiled
That's a quote from Tupac
Wow... look at him now
Everyday cats duck, dodge, strays from a range
You think it's simply that them shooters just ain't shooting with aim
Naw, a Teflon vest
Ain't the only thing that's stopping them bullets from eating through your chest

How many rappers got shot that's then died?
How many rappers got shot that's alive?
How many shots going bang bang?
Cats trying to gang bang?
How many trying to please God?
God's goodness should lead men to the repentance (it should make you wanna change)
Goodness should lead men to the repentance (it should make you wanna change)
Goodness should lead men to the repentance (it should make you wanna change)
Goodness should lead men to the repentance (it should make you wanna change)

50 Cent took nine shots look at his face
If you look a lil closer you can see God's grace
Lloyd Banks got shot drove himself to the doc
Young Buck got shot but he's still on the clock
Beanie Siegel got shot thank God he's alive
To add to the list
Fabulous got shot in the thigh
Even Camron took one in each of his arms
Are you alarmed? Is this enough to seek a reform?
Even The Game got shot but he still breathing
That's a real reason for people to seek Jesus
Complete pieces to the puzzle to come
When His goodness leads men to put their trust in the Son... yes

What does it take to make a man turn (repent)?
When God has offered the opposite of everything that man's earned?
You see God holds every breath
Of every lung that's in every chest
Until it's time to be buried next
His goodness should make us throw up our white flags
Considering the fact that our souls have a price tag
That only Christ could pay the whole with His life (Dag!)
Then He rose while we roll in a nice jag
Man, see every smile that you crack
Every dollar that you make dirty God allowed that
All the times that you said, man that should've been me
It could've been me laying six feet deep
All the chances that you had, man you should've been stopped
When them cops stopped you, locked you in the handcuffs
Now you scot-free
And refusing to live Godly
Though you want the benefits of being God's seed
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