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Capeside Rock

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The sound
Of my breath
Flutters past your ear
Tearing down fear
Grasp your heart strings by their frayed ends
To choke down the feeling left inside
The sands of time
Slide down your cheek
In the form of
Liquified dreams
Each one stands for
More than the next

How could you have been so blind

The shallow waters that you come upon
show you how empty your life truly is
you look into the vast nothingness to see
something that is
not there

You try to discern
Where to go from here
You try to make sense
Of this confusion you have inside
And how you can get there
[This van is on a one way trip we'll rock it straight to hell our crue is motley and our theaters filled with pain]
Across The Creek[Across the creek]
And into your home [your home]
'Cause She don't want you[she don't want you]
Any other way
But by a force unkown
Deep inside you
Your veins tied in knots
Bind your blistering hands
To keep you in this world forsaken
As you leave your wilting sould behind
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