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Take Two And Pass

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Take two and pass [x3]
so the blunt will last

Take two and pass so we can all get blunted
Don't smoke ciggarettes so my growth ain't stunted
We got at least five head so I rolled a white owl
It's the break of dawn and we're awake like night owls
Phillies are cool but they burn much quicker...
... hey yo come on pass that shit nigga
We lounge to the sounds as we leave from Uptown
It's time to go downtown and make some more rounds
This city never sleeps that what Sinatra sang
For that fat fat blunt you know I got this thing
so hand it over cause I wanna get charred
I'm in love with mary jane she keeps me large
So don't hog it let's get it moving real fast
Everybody just chill and take like two pulls and pass


The club is crowded everyone's up in here
Heyo Premier what's that you got there?
It looks like a nice plump blunt in your hand
I just know you're gonna share it with me cause I'm your man
So bust it, I got one too and if you spark up yours
I'll light up mine when it's through
Oh shit, there goes my man the fat mack
We used to get blazed I know he's got a fat sack
Let's go upstairs grab a chair and unwind
so the la la can enhance our minds
The system booming let the bass increase
I find me a seat so I can peep the chic
ladies and maybe get my homeboys some ass
All you gotta do is take two pulls and pass


Even in the morning like the flavor of juice
A blunt adds spice and a blunt can spruce
up your day but I'm not advertising just telling
of aspect a part of our lives
And around the way there ain't no shame in our game
cause the fame is no thing we get together and hang
And since you know I got dash and class
then I'm after you so take two pulls and pass
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