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The Mall

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[Intro/Chorus: x2]
Make money money - GO SHOPPIN!
Take money money - GO SHOPPIN!
No matter what the weather, winter spring or fall
We'll be doin it... "at the mall"

Yo what the deal cousin, gave him a pound now we huggin
in the mall thuggin, buggin, spent a few hundred
Shorties must be lovin, shit, jigg to my Wallow's
They watch like Movado so I floss like I'm lotto
You ain't loungin, til you've been countin by the thousands
Profilin, pushin more weight than your medallion
We be wildin, lockin blocks down just like the Island
Dough pilin, we keeps it in the family like Italians
Ballin, cop some Charles Jordan and some icebergs
Ice herbs, nice curves, girlfriend with the white fur
Pushed up, feel her like some shots of Tequila
Said her man's a dealer, with all these bags from Antilla
He got to be, but you hot to me, you under lock and key?
Laid it down properly, this cat at Stern's watchin me
Moved on me sloppily, prepare for the fallout
with gats to blow the wall out, clear the mall out


[Shiggy Sha]
Yo, don't be mad at me, I used to be
King Raggedy, fiends naggin me, shit I had to breathe
Gradually, rocked casually, Sha passed the leave
Vaseline slick shit, green stick shit
Honey got some mean lipstick, my knot's this thick
And I cop the meanest shit, still ride DISCUS
but cops frisk us, the block whispers
Theft need to stop, how we cop
but you can Guess like them jeans you rock
For now I'm rollin right, cause I had four faces
fightin four cases in North Face of Dolemite
So if he's here I ace the toners out my holdin tight
Shorty lookin innocent there, in Benetton gear
Nuttin innocent here, this ?henneson gear?
Give us a year, to really see clear, through these Cartiers
And do it party yea is what I'll probably hear
Sharkskin is what I'll probably wear, designed by Pierre, trust me
And look lovely with it
Cop a 4.2 and get ugly with it, snugly fitted, ruggedly hittin
Fitted in my Coogi knitted, compliments on the doobie did it
Got the movie rented if the crew be with it yo

[Chorus 1/2]

Most times I'm casual, but easily I switch
to some fly shit, like some silk suits by Paul Smith
And purchase some kicks by Kenneth Cole
Cop a Hilfiger, or Polo goose, for when it's cold
Armani, and Gaultier specs cover my eyes
The definition of jiggy so you best to recognize
At the mall, I'm baggin up, much more than gear
Victoria, be whisperin mad Secrets in my ear
She wanted me to knock her in the back of Foot Locker
I chuckled as she kicked more game than soccer
Others try to copy, I see em when they mock me
Baseball cap bent, the fresh scent is Issey Miyake
All the way from Green Acre's to the Beverly Center
heads turn, and I'm the main concern when I enter
At Albee Square, niggaz wouldn't even dare
with that fake thuggish ruggish when them Brooklyn kids be in there
Saw ?newriqi L? and then a sweet for my girl
Stylin, on the cell phone smilin, it's my world
Can't forget the Avorex, pocket for the royalty checks
My crew be showin loyalty, plus utmost respect
Yo son, go pioneer them bimbos, while I get some Timbo's
Later on that night you'll find them nymphos
That's how it goes cause mad heads be in the mall
Let's breeze, we got a show, plus I got another phone call
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