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What You Want This Time?

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[Verse 1]
[Scratch: Telephone ringing]
"Who's this? Juanita? Fatima? Solika? Oh, it's Freda?
Look, I have a question, just what is it that you need
A man, a lover, maybe someone to talk to?
Or could it be you're schemin'? Oh, not you!
Well listen, I got this phone installed for business
And who gave you our number? Seriously, what is this?
The new fad? Now you wanna kick it to a rapper,
DJ or dancer? Well I don't have the
Time for no stunts, no hookers and no games
Our name and our fame is for the long way we came
The struggle, the hassle, the hustle, the fight
And you're asking me if you can see me tonight?
Don't you know the Guru's not the type to be out skeezin'
The reason is because I do believe in
Havin' the right to choose the one I want
And, if I had a girl, why would I front?
You're only gonna get your feelings hurt, miss
And truthfully I really don't wanna have to diss
My music means everything to me, it's my life
So make like a camper, and go take a hike
You can't mess with my mind, and don't tie up my line
You called yesterday, so what you want this time?"

[Verse 2]
"A-yo Premier (Yeah?) Who's that knockin' at the door?
(Yo man, it's Vicky) Vicky? Are you sure?
The one from down the block who was actin' all hot
She stops me all the time and says she likes me a lot?
How does she know where we live, I didn't tell her
And word is bond, duke, I'm not the fella
No matter what I say this young lady's persistent
For instance, she watches me from a distance
And if I walk by and I forget to say hi
She pushes up on me and rubs me with her thigh
I told her I was taken, but she doesn't care
A-yo, do me a favour, tell her I'm not here
Forget it, I think she heard my voice already
You can let her in, but I'm tryna cook spaghetti
Oh, hello, how you doin'? Who me? I'm fine
I don't mean to be rude, but...what you want this time?"
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