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Sometimes I

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Sometimes I don't like myself
and it's making me sad.
Sometimes I don't want to go to
where we first met.

Sometimes I don't want to remember
all the things we've done.
Sometimes when I do that
I get this pain inside and I want to run.

Run to where I'm safe from harm,
safe from all the things you told me.
Run away from all this pain,
cause you were never there to...hold me.

Where were you when I needed you,
when I felt too bad?
Where have you been in my darkest hours,
when I felt so sad that I could not be in your arms?
Sometimes I know it hurts,
sometimes I feel deserted,
butwhere were you when I needed you?

Same old blues

Sometimes I don't know myself
and I feel surprised
about the things that I said to keep you
until I realized

that you were never there for me
when I needed you the most.
Although I'm free,
can do what I want,
I still ask myself what I have lost.


Same old blues, same old blues,
same old blues, same old blues

[Chorus 2x]

Same old blues
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