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So Anxious

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[1st Verse:]
Nine O' clock, home alone, paging you
Wishing you'd come over, my place, after while, Let me know
We can just keep talking 'bout the last time, you were here
What we did (no sleep till morning), only bubble baths and back rubs
Hit me back, girl I hope, you hurry 'cause

I'm so anxious
So meet me at 11:30, I love the way you're talkin' dirty
Said, I'm so anxious
Girl could you quit this stallin', you know I'm a sexaholic

[2nd Verse:]
It's 10:10, where you been?
Did you get my message?
(Your expression is telling me that you've been thinkin' the same thang)
The same thang I've been thinkin'
You say you're working, well hit me just as soon as your shift, is over
And I'll be waiting, 'cause I can't sleep for reminiscing
About you and what we do, Hit me back and hope you hurry


Said as soon as you hit the door, I'ma pull you down on the floor
And before we get to touch the bed, Baby back up every word you said
And before we, got to hit the lights
And before we start the cande lights
Baby girl, I wanna bump and grind
This is something that's been on my mind

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