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Thats How I Get Down

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[1 - Ginuwine (Ludacris)]
Sittin' in my five double-o on twenties
Sittin' low-low
That's how I get down
(Get down, get down)
If you want some of this
Baby girl all you gotta do is say so
That's how I get down
(Get down, get down)
Put you in a crib, ice you out
Buy you whips at your disposale
That's how I get down
(Get down, get down)
I'll give you everything you've wanted
All you gotta do is let me know
That's how I get down
(Get down, get down)

Every day I see you baby
You're standing alone
Do you have a man and are you going home?
He should be picking you up
Not have you take the bus
If that's how he gets down
You need to leave the ground
Cause he doesn't care for you
He doesn't live for you
He doesn't want for you
Nor is he down for you
You can have the world baby, just wanna let you know
Come get with a man, and let the boy go

[Repeat 1]

You'll never want for nothing
You'll never take a fall
You'll have just what you want
Prada, Gucci, and all
I'm offering everything to you
Things are what they seem
This is not a hoax
And no this ain't a dream baby
You need affection baby
You need protection baby
You need the love that I know you ain't been gettin' baby
Take a hold of my hand
Let me lead you there
You need to be free
You shouldn't have a care

[Repeat 1]

Now either you want some rocks or a hard place
You lookin' for daddy but searchin' all in the wrong place
Tell him this ain't no dog race or cat fight
Just pull it together and get his act right
Mack right, while I'm bendin' curves in his 'Lac right
What was he thinkin' in thinkin'
He must be out his mind
Gotta be prankin' and stankin'
Crooked and out of life
I'll take you shoppin' and knockin'
Rockin' the proper fit
These women jockin'
And me I talkin' the Prada shit
You pour some Ginuwine, I'll pour some Night Train
I'mma turn these lights out
We can do our night thing
He got a V4 and I got a [X5]
He got his ex-girl, I'm about to X by
So if you with it, admit it
And let me hit it, hit it
Until you feel it
Cause I don't stop, get it, get it
You need a new coach
Let's start a new game
You on the right track, but you on the wrong train

[Repeat 1 till end]
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