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Bellringer Blues

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I saw my old friend Gabriel
Down the perimeter ringing the bell
I said hello
Hey man is there something wrong?
Where has everybody gone?
I don't know
Well I put my hand across my mouth
And I went out, moving slow
What are you doing he said to me
I'm looking for my company
He said don't bother no

Next thing you know I took a look
Gabe was trying to sell me a book
But i got no dough
He said check it out it's going cheap
Check it out it's going cheap
Ok I'll give it a go
I read that book every page
And then I put it away
Said I don't think so

It makes slaves of all of womenkind
And corpses of the men
And I just don't know
And we care a little bit
We get scared a little bit
Oа those two cold dead eyes
That stare a little a bit
And we cry a little bit
And we get by a little bit
Let your tears
All come falling down

Put me on a big white steed!
Ride it it up and down your street!
Wrapped up in a crimson coat!
Sail me in a great big boat!
I'll sail around the waters for you
Kill your sons and daughters for you!
Put me on a big white horse!
Send me down to Banbury Cross!

It's okay Joe it's time to go!
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