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The Crucial Offensive 19111942 730 AM

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Hell at the South-West Front
Near Kletskaja village
Katyusha lunchers introducing
Voronovs barrage
A hail of 80 minutes lasting
Screaming shrapnel steel
Grinding stunned Romanians
In disorder they flee

Falling on soil that never was theirs
Mercilessly chased by unknown heirs
Dying eyes meet furious Soviet wrath
Cautiously determined, striking hard

Meanwhile from the Donfront
Comes the second assault
A large number of forces
Impossible to halt
Chaos is complete
As a third attack begins
Pincer movements leading all
Towards the Kalatsj bridge

MGs rip and tear through hardened flesh
Massive seem the dark tank silhouettes
Invulnerable deadly T-34
Hear the Stormoviks in the sky roar

Essential coordination
As important as speed
Don't give Fritz the time
To get back on his frozen feet
The brave heroic 62nd
Of Tsjukov stood its ground
Between Don and Volga
Soldiers bodies mount

Now surrounding according to plan
330,000 men
Left to die without ammo or food
The crucial offensive of WW II
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