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I MUST GO ON (with the crew)

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I must go on
With the work I'm committed to-
How can I not,
When my theories are true ?
And I will prove,
If I'm ever permitted to,
Things are not wrong
Just because they are new !

Henry, I adore you,
Always have done,
Always will do,
And your dreams are mine !

I will always understand
However hard the path you've planned,
Our lives will intertwine...

Who knows where my work will dead me ?

Nowhere where you will not need me !

Emma, please I beg you, heed me !

Just don't leave me on my own !

The only thing I fear
Is the unknown...

When this all began,
We knew there'd be a price to pay !
Too late now to turn away,
We have come too far !
I know we'll find a way...
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