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2 - Sepsis

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"Just once" or "This once"

this flows
right by mind
sightless ask in quest of
fate not told
better unknown
a trigger inside ? real

tactful insense
right choice
s?k ? m?s
[slip?] begins
not a sleeping beast
crawling out

too dark light (x2)
all the streets ? ? ?

not children anymore
skin and bones
blood relations with a carcass
people vindicate from sight
children ? ? ?
not infect new insense ?
? ? ?
sight of now ? tonight
non existent tomorrow
we're leaving without sorrow
leaving sorrow
dead silence
silent now

chemical [deaths rule?]
wherever you go
chemical [deaths rule?]
wherever you go
crusty over ground
tempt the beast
motionless (x5)

"Just once" or "This once"
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