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Speed up quickly, crazy in your friend’s porch…forget the time, throw away your swatch…fuck the police, traffic lights and signs….move your ass overtake all cars

Would you like to go with me outside? I také you for a ride….I promise it will be a great fun, so sit down and get it on
I’m glad that you accept my perfect offer now, I’ll show you some nice places…don’t be affraid it’s only high speed
We can fly….and tell me what you wanna from me

So how’s your feeling rignt now…I had to speed up this white car….But now I see fucking police car is behind us
Don’t turn it out and trust me


Don’t turn, don’t turn, don’t turn…………..it’s only reality

It’s bad we have to stop our car, these cops are looking wild….you say „ Be careful couse of that’s another car“
I tell you it’s o.k. we gonna die…we have smash and we are dying…….it’s beautiful I see the world is spinning aroud
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