Texty písní HC3 Prelude to fascination Peter


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Here I am a naked man and from inside I feel alive
but how far I've got to go.
Here I am with empty hands, and no one knows - what's up falks
unimportant for the world

Ref: I'm 27 years old man,nothing to hide
just be the same , what's the meaning
of it all?

A lots of days behind my back ,and what I've got
ghosts in my head
I'm staring at the sun.

A few friends passed by,no one's here now
I'm kind of freak ,don't wanna speak
so what's the point of being here?

Ref: So honey tell me
why ,27 year's old man
nothing to hide,just be the same
what's the meaning of it all?

Try to help me understand
I'm 27 year's old man
what's the meaning of it all?

Burning bridges,houses of hope
crying children ,everyone's alone
Fight for freedom,so many graves
tell me brother,who's insane.
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