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Behind a Wall of Silence

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This beatiful world,
it looks so nice filled whit sound and light,
it smells so fine so much bliss,
so much perfection a modern world a new society
life is fast, but I'm not fast enough.

Wealth and recognition to the strong,
the paradise is here, but i'm too weak.
No graceful look, no charming smile,
fate has set me down
below you all hold us captive
behind a wall of silence.

We live our life in a prison of ignorance.
One of the forgotten
an unwanted son a life made just for you
not me and my equals.
I know, my feelings are not worth the pain.
Will you affected pitty ever turn to respect.
How can I long for warmth and love at all?
Do you think my heart is dead?
I should be dead,
slain or poisoned
and everything could be so easy for you.
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