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Luciferian Death Code

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I hear my angel weeping silently amidst the graves
A glorious yet mournful veil, yet in whose name is she slain
Behind the truth the strength conceals twisted faith of Christian fools
The memoirs rekindled daylights last foray

Rekindled daylights last foray

A delicate balancing of two worlds
Embraced with the guardian death
The crest of our years somewhat fainted
Esteris, thy lingered opeth
Where two shores lay overlapped and time lay inter bracing
Many folds revealing facets, each for futures passing

The enochians of timeless earth
For thee, in sinful obscurity
Brought forth thy pleasures and languidity
I rise in amidst thy fear
To collate the precious faith and penultimate tear
To weave, thy starry ultimus
Set in gentle precious flame, nor to awaken us
Lemuria, at the edge of the graveyard
A lurid pale of seeking as she haunts in despair
I serve as the angel of death
Slept in dusk of the gravestones, in castles despair
Take grave solace in thy wisdom told
For the centinal alone could only be so bold
Innocence succumb to grieving majesty
Light auroral incarnations of sobriety.
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