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You are now about to witness the power of Hardcore
Welcome to the pit mother fucka

Yeah, bitches
Guess who's back
Get the kids out tha room right now
Gonna get real dirty and shit

(Yeah, Daddy I was born to ride)

Mother fucker this is grown folks business
Let's get high
Let's get fucked

(I'll suck your dick, will you put it inside me)

This right here get you warmed up for the mother fuckin' album
Let you know what's coming
This is like foreplay for you bitches
You can't just jump right in the pussy
You gotta get that shit ready, man
You gotta play with the pussy
Talk to the pussy
Make friends with the pussy
Take your mother fuckin' time with the pussy like this

(Get it wet first, get it wet)

Ok, right
Daddy gonna fuck it all night

I Dedicate this album to everybody out there born to ride down for life
Stay hard mother fuckers
Most of all represent your self
Be yourself
Even though everybody around you's turning into a bunch of faggots
I can't stand this, man
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