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Daydream Boulevard

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Falling - oh tonight I feel like a falling star
Leaving all I got at your cash bar
I say - this is where I saw you baby

Dizzy - feeling like a crazy rolling stone
you can call me Mr. Psycho all night long
I say - this is where we'll get together

Playing - it's the kind of game you play one on one
a Russian roulette without the gun
I say - don't you think it's getting hot now?

Wasted - tempted by the lights of every place I see
hope next morning it won't be just debris
of a night we spent together

The train of fun'n'games is leaving
it's heading straight for Daydream Boulevard

Hey girl - together on the road to hell - the both of us under this spell
Hey girl - a blink of light inside your eyes - a fire between your thighs
Hey girl - it's hard to not fall in love - your smile fits like a glove
Hey girl - this daydream where we meet was made for you and me

Rocking - in this street I am the rock'n'roll star
cigarettes, honey and an old guitar
I say - nothing can stop me tonight

The train of fun'n'games has left now
it headed straight for Daydream Boulevard

Oh yeah! - I may feel a little strange
but damn every time I come into this place
I get fuckin' high in a state of grace
Now that we are here to taste it
come with me on your knees, let's get free
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