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Killer Watter

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1) Listen a't know what is going
whether you water nesebere
But as you know, water resistant, however, forces her on odolat.jednoho you can not take water and disappear forever světa.ten who sees the horror of falling into the darkness of fear and never neprobudí.je to toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
REF: difficult to live without it who do you love
when you're not already friends
1is then in heaven
2 no that sits on the ground
thinking ..........
2) The next day water grab one more
no the best one for him was not unique but now it is not on.jak cope with this loss should I? I have to swallow water or naplono live on? a life decision těžký.ale Asia remain live and I will enjoy life naplono .
REF: 3x
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