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Ample Bright

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Settle down my dear this burdens the both of us the same,

For this world is just for too vial for us to defend,

So let’s run forever from it all and ditch these fucking lame ass states,

Because we both know that by the end of all reason illustrates,

Why as much as it takes it gives,

And as real as love ever gets,

With just me and you held tight,

Withstands all time,

True blue steadfast alright.

Those words were faint but carried just enough to bring me to my knees,

Now I feel sick and then it hurts when I breathe,

As my mind begins to struggle between revenge,

A greater desire,

The perfect line is drawn.

Dazed and glossy eyes reflected disbelief,

And the pain it caused was felt by their enemies,

Seems a callused heart is mandatory for this world,

But I have learned that life is better lived,

Set me free!

Shine ample bright,

And stay with us for a while,

From dawn till twilight breathe in me your peace,

Darling when will we be safe here?

We’re in fear of losing everything we’ve gained,

Where there’s a will there’s a canyon to bridge,

Break ground.

Of this im well aware…
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