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Distorted face (Dulce liquido mix)

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You think it's time for being brave
You think you're saved from all fear
Whatever you do you're late
See in my eyes, you are here
Try to hyde, try to run from me
Now you're naked to my eyes
All what you did means something to me
Even your dreams on bad nights

You wanna say stop hating me
Now it's time to show some force
I won't stop all these feelings
You've always known what's my course
Try to hide, try to run, try to feign
That you can go faraway
I won't leave you alone, ever in life
I'll be after you every day and night

I wanna feel your brave intentions
I wanna face your emptiness and lies
Distorted face you know you have failed

Now it's time to say what you saw
What you felt, what you thought
Tell me everything I want to know
I see you'll do it, you're not strong

I smell your sweaty clothes
You are dressed for the last day
I hear your weak and trembling words
Nothing's important just this rage
Try to hide, try to run, try to feign
You can not trust in your faith
Before saying something, just come here
You may be marked with my seal
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