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Galilee Bright Galilee

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Galilee, bright Galilee,
Hallowed thoughts we turn to thee!
Woven through thy history,
Gleams the charming mystery
Of the life of One Who came,
Bearing grief, reproach and shame,
Savior of the world to be;
'God with us' by Galilee.

Once along that rugged shore
He, Who all our sorrows bore,
Journeyed oft with weary feet,
Through the storm or burning heat;
Healing all who came in faith,
Calling back to life from death;
King of kings from heaven was He,
Though so poor by Galilee!

Wild the night on Galilee;
Loudly roared the angry sea,
When upon the tossing wave
Jesus walked, His own to save:
Calmed the tumult by His will,
Only saying, 'Peace, be still!'
Ruler of the storm was He,
On the raging Galilee!

Still in loving tenderness
Doth the Master wait to bless;
Still His touch upon the soul
Bringeth balm and maketh whole;
Still He comforts mourning hearts,
Life, and joy, and peace imparts;
Still the Friend of all is He,
As of old by Galilee!
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