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Never Never Land

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Losers always whine about their best...
Winners go home and fuck the prom queen...

Ill take a million lies
Ill forget a million deaths
I continued to lie
Still holding my breath i take it back
Take this bullet and end this all
Still warm blooded i fake this smile
Im stuck between birth and death
Im stuck between good and bad...

I watched ash turn to ash...
I watched dust turn to dust...
I watched friendships die for what?

Ashes to ashes
Dust turns to dust
This broken neck comes from lust
Where does this loyalty lie today?
Where the fuck do you stand
In the end what will we learn before we die?
In the moonlight you see me in my true form
This curse will still plague my rotting bones
I watched the dead come back to life
This promise will end up broken now
I still hear your heart beating
I still hear your bones broken
With you lying there i guess this is the end

Mutiny will end us
Promises will only break us
Dont forget who you are today
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