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Have you ever heard a thunder bolt voice your name?
Lets all just reach our hands into the dark,
And feel what reaches back!
I stopped subscribing to you a long time ago,
But I still see you, every fucking month!

Don't get the octopus upset,
It may eat itself!
If only we could grow back our privileges.
Tunnel vision (If only i could touch your face again!)
I am not sleeping;
I'm only resting my eyes,
I'm only resting my eyes!

I didn't think that air could scream in resistance,
Until you, approached me protesting your advancement,
Don't walk any closer, don't you dare, walk any closer!
I forgot who you were...

"game over"

A dinner party, a last chance,
A love song, a bear dance.
Raising tension on your rhythmic pounding,
I knew you were scared!
Didn't think that i would play dead.
Next time come to class fully prepared.

Reply to my lines like we practiced earlier today.
Oh common don't be shy!
They'll applause to anything you have to say!

I spy YOU SPY! with my little eye.
That the desert you've deserted is a little dry.

Dragging the moisture from the air,
I am so dry... Let me get a sip of what you
Want me to say! I am so thirsty!

Dragging the moisture from the air.
I am so dry...
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