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Iggy iggy pussy illy
wetter than the amazon
taste this kitty
silly billy poppin pillys
smoke it like a swisher
... lick this philly
mold em ah' soak em ah'
hook em like crack
after shock
molten ah' lava drop
this should be outlawed. call me pac
the illest on the planet
better play ya cards right mr gambit
if you wanna hang here
aint no hammock
never, not better - law should ban it
never, no better - law should ban it
i do it right, wit d.r.u.g.s understand it
i do it right, now please sir pan it

left right back to the middle
head on swivel neck till i quivel
open ya mouth...
taste the rainbow taste my skittles ah!

pussy. pussy.pussy

You know bitches envy me
cause you cant get rid of me
when you cum. i run.
this cats got you mission me
bad boys get a mouth fulla pussy
aka listerne
here to make you lose your mind
gonna need sherlock holmes
to solve your mystery
im nasttttyyyyyy
baby what you thinking?
aka titanic
so much wet will have yo ass sinking
treat that tongue like a bullet
give me head abe lincon
this is so out this world
but no you not dreamin'
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