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Late last night
I was dancing in the ballroom lights
And they were saying just
How drunk I was
But I knew that I was right on the spot
I was right on the spot

Where I knew myself to be
In your arms
I'll write destiny
And they can watch
How the stars are dancing
Right with us

Notions about you
Strike back again
All that surrounds you
Oh it's just a sin
But we can get through
Almost anything
Glimmering like you do
Glimmering when I'm with you

Pet the dogs
That were laying on the burial ground
They were playing
But I bet they were
Staring right at us with envy
Staring right at us

Whisper cats
They are running towards automats
And we'll be joining
The ballet dancers
We could all be remedies, remedies....

Who should be known to us?
Who should be?
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