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Who was the one who put the leaves on the trees
Who was the one who put the corn in the field
Who was the one who made you alive
And gave you all the will to survive?

Who is the one who keeps the whole world turning
Who keeps the Sacred Fires burning
Who is the force behind the Internet?
Well let me tell you lest you forget.

Who was the one who gave you films and TV
And gives you the chance each day to be free
Who calls in the spring and gives life to earth
Who makes the shoots rise out of the dirt?

Who heals the old men and gives them hope again
Who put the fire in their loins and made them young again
Who was it that made all history and Art
Who was it that put the beat in your heart?

Who was the one who put the food on your table
Who makes the young willing and able
Who made you a woman or made you a man
It was the God of Nature and his name is Pan

Who gave you rock ‘n’ roll, the dance, porn
And cause all life on earth to be born.
Who gave you the darkness and also the light
Who gives you the day and every night

Pump it up
The Horned God
Pump it up
Pump it up.
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