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Journey to Infernukeorreka

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Gathered in a magic circle singing ancient hymns
In the name of Satan.
Bring me to the mystic lands mighty prince of hell
For I seek the power.
Cosmic guidance of the stars in the path I worship
For my pagan journey.
Sounds of the moaning winds blowing through
The skies of eternal black
Witches soaring through the skies to the streams
of hell from Belial’s cult.
rites of carnal lust I the ancient caves
goat on the altar bray.
Killing on the pentagram draining all the blood
As the victim weeps.
Lord of wickedness we summon you shedding
This child's black blood...bleed!!
Blessed in the fire of night, Lucifer I serve.
Hail!! Oh mighty one!! With this kiss of shame.
Marked with your claw, chalice fills with blood.
Gates, open wide, offer me your flames.
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