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Mighty Wargod of the Templars (Hail Baphomet)

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Christian warriors in the fields defending white light remains of god.
Raising flags of war up high, blood and flesh we shed with might.
Crushing, killing on command.
These are weapons form the black.
Ancient war cult of holy lands, surgins unto lands of fire.
Dark evil dungeons where we hide contain secret of the left.
You Satan we only hail in the form of baphomet.
Ancient infernal beast with black wings,
In the night we summon thee.
Flaming torch of knowledge burns on thy goat head with wicked horns.
Chanting all unholy names to thee mighty king of kings.
Burning children for my god offering dripping fat and blood.
We deny any god of feeble faith Lucifer faith fully we bow to thee,
so to you we raise our swords from shadows – thrones.
Universe of ancient black will now be ours.
Smear the blood from mutilation rituals on the cross as i chant the pagan hymns.
I am the one summoning the mighty war god baphomet,
Cuttint into my own flesh....
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