Texty písní Inquisition Unholy Inquisition Rites (EP) Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan

Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan

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Worshiper of Satan,
Forever I am
Loyal to my master,
Ancient king of hell
I summon demons,
With unholy words
Pentagram of fire,
Burning sacred Gods

Pantheon of Satan,
In the cosmic realm
Saddened winds of death,
Storming through the heavens
Imperial dark hymn,
To you I sing
Lucifer the fallen one...
Imperial prince

"In the name of Satan, Lucifer and all demons of the Infernal Cult...
We speak the words of truth that we have been given by your wisdom.
We sing the imperial hymn as our tribute to the pantheon of hell".

I am the one that is summoning thee, leader of the fire cult and master of the black throne.
Imperial hymn for our master Satan shall raise him high far above the tears of God.
I call upon gods of destruction, war and revenge for the end of sacred lands.
Dark unholy forces flocking it's black wings to our hidden temple
Where we summon our imperial king
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